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  1. Tell me more about your services.

    I am a certified personal trainer, with years of experience in the health and fitness industry.  After an initial personal health and fitness assessment, I will work with you and your schedule to develop a wellness plan, including exercise and eating, to fit your specific needs.  I also offer individual and small group aquatic fitness instruction as well as swim lessons.

  2. What does a typical session look like?

    There is really no "typical" session because every "body" is different but usually I spend an hour to an hour and a half per session, working on core strength, balance, weight training, cardio, nutrition, or whatever we find is right for YOU!  I also specialize in water fitness workouts or water therapy.  It's a fun and friendly workout.

  3. What do you charge?

    My initial consult/assessment is FREE!  Depending on the number of sessions you purchase, my hourly fee ranges from $50 - $60.  Contact me for a detailed fee schedule. ([email protected])

  4. Why should I choose you from the scores of personal trainers out there?

    Because of my extensive experience as well as my ability to tailor your wellness plan to your specific needs; because I am dedicated to functional fitness and being able to use your body in a safe, healthy, and fun way; because I have been a competitive athlete with many injuries myself and I know how to individualize your sessions and promote a holistic effort toward your personal health.

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  • "Just finished a set of 10 sessions. Had a great time and met my goal of having workouts to do while traveling."
    happy customer
  • "MaryAnn is the best person I've worked with. I have two prosthetic knees and a hip that enjoys flaring up. I've worked with several physical therapists and there wasn't any hi..."
    More then a satisfied client

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